Crystals and Stones

Crystals…gems and stones have been used for healing since ancient times…recognized by Shamans for their extraordinary abilities to shift patterns of energy…a shifting that allows individuals to release and transform negative emotional trauma in places of dis-ease.  When used in combination with Healing Sounds…these ambassadors of the Mineral World amplify and transmute Sound into Light which can then be used to break through old patterns of “holding” energies in our bodies.  Crystals and stones assist  the work of healing and transformation…allowing us to reclaim lost parts of our Essential Selves while re-balancing and uplifting our whole Being.  Here are a few of the numerous crystals and stones I use on a daily basis for my Shamanic healing work…


 Large Quartz Lemurian Twin  

It reconnects us to the memories of the Lemurian timeline.

Multi-layered Clear Quartz Phantom 

This is a pure quartz crystal that displays several layers of smaller versions of the crystal within the crystal body.  This crystal works with the elements of storm and in the 6th and 7th chakras.  It gives access to the Universal Knowing of All that Is and past-life (other timeline) memories in connection to the Higher Awareness of Spirit.  This crystal serves healing by transporting pure Spirit energy into the cellular level of the body and the DNA through the communion with Source.

Smokey Quartz Cluster

This is an Earth element stone that works primarily with the root chakra in transmutation of negative energies…organization…pragmatism and the manifesting of dreams.

Large Amethyst Cathedral

This is a beautiful purple stone of protection…amplification…purification and Source re-connection…with the element of the Wind that works primarily with the higher energies of the Self.


Purple Fluorite

This is a pure Purple Fluorite crystal hand-carved bowl that emanates a beautiful purple/red ray of healing energy that works directly with the 6th Chakra or Third Eye.  It enhances mental abilities and clarity of the mind…especially when the making of decisions and choices is in question.  It carries the element of the Wind and holds the Power of thought…focus and concentration.  It is a great help in clearing all energy fields.  I have used fluorite for many years in my healing work both with myself and others…and have found it to be one of my favorite stones.  I believe that its greatest gift to the art of healing is its ability to give form and structure to energies.  It is especially powerful when the structures and patterns of energy have been traumatically disordered and a re-configuration of form is needed.  It can literally tear down an old pattern of energy and gently re-form it into an entirely new configuration of ease and symmetry.