Shamanic Medicine Healing Pieces

Making and using these sacred tools of the Shaman healer is both a process of  initiation as well as empowerment.  The time spent in Creating these sacred objects for use in healing is a similar technique to process art…whereas  the individual releases emotional memories and energies that have been stuck in the bodies…thereby allowing natural healing to take place.  The journey of a Shaman is one of Multi-Dimensional adventures…these sacred pieces are invaluable in the healing of Self…others and the Earth.

The following are some of the drums…rattles…and medicine pieces I have made and use on a regular basis for both my own healing…individual healing sessions…and extensive Earth healing.

Bird Tribe Center
Heron…Eagle and Owl
Owl…Heron and Goose
Shamanic Buffalo Drum
Shamanic Buffalo Drum
Dolphin Shell
Crystal Dolphin on a Moon Shell
Deer Skin Drum Bag
Sacred White Deer Skin Drum Bag
Owl…Heron…Loon surrounded by Goose

with Gaia Heart…LadyHawke

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