A Wild Ride

If it is not one thing it definitely is another…full moons with eclipses…solar activity that is literally off the charts…the cause of planetary wild unruly weather and astrological events that are unique to these magnificent times we are all experiencing on this Earth today.  This week (3/12/12) alone…with its scores of positive astrological influences doing a dance with the solar activity…causing geomagnetic storms both inside and outside of our selves…it is really a wonder we haven’t flown the coop entirely.Mercury just went retrograde again and the Spring Equinox along with the New Moon is just around the corner…all spelling yet more enormous changes and shifts in opportunity to create a new world from that which we cherish…instead of from our fears.  Not that it is not dredging up our deepest fears and torments from the chasms of our hearts…just underneath that layer of goo is the finest and most cherished part of our Essential Being…our true nature of Love and Light and Joy.

Several times in this past year I have received information concerning the many changes that our physical and emotional bodies are experiencing in this transformational time…the following is a short version to help us all remember what really is happening to our Whole Selves apart from any medical guessing that may or may not fit the symptoms.  It is all about change inside and out. Symptoms of Transformation

  • Changing sleep patterns: restless sleep…insomnia… waking up several times a night…feeling tired after waking and sleeping off and on during the day…dreaming big time both day and night.
  • A pressure or sense of emotional congestion in the Heart chakra: pain and pressure in the middle of the chest…this is not to be confused with the physical heart located on the left side of the chest…it is the energetic heart making rapid and immense shifts.
  • A pressure…indigestion and bloating in the stomach/Solar Plexus area:  this is not necessarily due to weight gain…and directly relates to the heightened solar activity and emotional releasing…the solar plexus being the storage box for the emotions.
  • Old emotionally charged “issues” re-surfacing:people with whom we need to work it out appear into our Life…working through issues of completion…self-worth/self-hatred/self-love…abundance/scarcity… addictions and creativity/manifestation etc.
  • Amplification of all of the senses:  leads to increased sensitivity…in hearing…smell…touch and taste…intuition and psychic awareness.
  • Power surges:  sudden feeling of hot or cold from head to toe… waves or currents of energy rolling through the body…feeling nauseous…shivering and teeth-rattling shaking.   
  • Ascension Weight Gain: the weight gain in the US population is phenomenal…and for some there is a strong urge to eat all of the time.
  • General feelings of discomfort in the physical body:  headaches…stomach upset…aching muscles and joints… general body aches and pains…some of which can be somewhat relieved by de-toxing…and night sweats.
  • General feelings of discomfort in the emotional body:  needing more alone time in own space…spacey and unfocused…memory problems… anxiety and panic…rapid mood changes and sensitivity…a great sense of loss moving into depression…memory loss…and overwhelming stress…disorientation and loss of time.

For more detailed information on the solar activity please see the following website and sign up for the emails…they are free and very informative…Mitch Battros outlines these events in a way that we can all understand although they are coming from a solid scientific standpoint.  These waves of electrical currents coming from the sun’s activities have a direct effect on the weather patterns of our world as well our emotional and physical human bodies which are magnetic.


So with the moon and sun both now strongly affecting our emotional and physical bodies…we are getting a double dose of what is bringing us to our expressive knees…exposing and bringing to the Light the repressed energy of long ago trauma.  This is the best news anyone could ask for and indeed we did.  We are all here by conscious choice and are finally beginning to see and feel the true freedom that we seek.  Accepting Full Responsibility for our own co-creations is paramount to gliding through this tumultuous Shift in our planetary and human consciousness with Grace and ease.

With Love and Light and Grace…LadyHawke