Animal Medicine: Extraordinary Shamanic Wisdom and Powers

Animal Medicine Spirits are with us everywhere and always…not necessarily in the physical.  They may show you their presence in a photo or “mind shot”…just honor and work with each unique and powerful medicine…using it wisely with the guidance of the Heart and Soul for the good of All.

Bald Eagle Medicine:

  • Strength…Courage and Wisdom
  • Keen sight…visionary and Illumination of Spirit
  • Healing of old and Re-Creation of a New Bird Tribe
  • Knowledge of magic and the ability to see hidden Spiritual truths
  • Seeing the overall pattern/picture of Spirit
  • Rising above the material world through a higher perspective
  • Connection to Spirit support and other dimensional worlds
  • Great Power and balance through the Dignity of Grace
  • Connection with higher Universal truths of pure Love and Light

 Bat Medicine:

  • Shamanic Journey…Rebirth and Initiation into a new Life…a new world
  • Echolocation through Extra Sensory hearing…sound healing
  • Letting go of old habits and deep fear patterns to transform the ego
  • Longevity…Joy and happiness
  • Becoming more deeply psychic and sensitive
  • Intuition…prophetic dreaming and vision in the Womb of the Earth
  • Night-sight…the ability to see through illusion or ambiguity
  • Communication…strong family ties
  • Unwavering and unconditional commitment to deep and intense Spiritual growth
  • Renewing thoughts and beliefs on a moment-to-moment basis
  • Demanding of deep experiential inner work
  • Exploring the underworlds of Reality…the shadow side of Life
  • Extremely adaptable…flexible and versatile

 Bear Medicine:

  • Introspection and Solitude
  • Healing…wisdom and change
  • Communication with Spirit
  • Death…rebirth and Transformation
  • Creature of dreams…Shamans and Mystics
  • Visionaries and astral travel
  • Defending…maintaining and holding in consciousness one’s dreams
  • Creations and New Realities through extreme Life changes

 Beaver Medicine:

  • Maintaining the ability to be productive in all ways of Life
  • Unlimiting your options…staying open and flexible
  • Being persistent and tenacious…as a Master builder of all things
  • Using available resources and alternate ways of doing tasks and Being
  • Understanding the unique dynamics of group co-creation

 Bison/Buffalo Medicine:

  • Bringing abundance and prosperity into the physical realm
  • Grounding…strength and the ability to change direction quickly
  • Sacred Earth animal…connected to deep Earth Heart center
  • Focus and attuning to the natural rhythms around you
  • In harmony with the Earth to attract wealth and new opportunity
  • Migration…travel and Power in motion
  • Large Heart…bringing in Peace and prayer
  • Manifestation at a personal and a greater planetary scale
  • Full commitment for Earth co-creativity and bringing in the New Earth Paradigm

 Blue Jay/Stellar Jay:

  • Fearlessness…resourcefulness and adaptability
  • Wise and efficient use of personal Power…through the primal art of allowing
  • Power of staying in one’s own presence in Shamanic travel
  • Using energy distortion to break programs and heal through reconfiguration
  • Protection against the misuse of power used to harm/control us and others
  • Bright Blue Crest symbolizes the connection to our Higher Self
  • Sign of maturity coming into Power within Self
  • Gaia connection to Mother Earth with Spiritual Joy and contentment
  • Access to primal energies of the Earth’s and the Sun’s mysteries
  • Self-Mastering through dedication…commitment and responsibility
  • Eloquence…healing and bringing out the Truth through voice

 Cormorant Medicine:

  • Overcoming obstacles and seeing new possibilities of Life
  • Diving deeply and fearlessly to reclaim our Souls into the emotional waters of the subconscious
  • Self-reliance through the Powerful ability to navigate the emotional body and come back up into present Reality
  • Perseverance and endurance while negotiating Life’s challenges
  • Birds of Air and Water…using evolved skills to reclaim our Power and use a unique approach to healing and regeneration
  • Using multi-faceted skills to dissolve obstacles and overcome presumably impossible goals for absolute success
  • Evolving and moving into the Higher Vibrations of the Heart

 Cougar Medicine:

  • What we see as impossible is possible with this fierce and aggressive Guardian
  • Coming into Heart Power…the true Power of the Universe
  • Taking charge of our Life and our Creations
  • Balance Power…intention…strength and Grace
  • Goals reached and unedited Dreams realized
  • Loyalty and courage while taking full responsibility through infinite Self trust
  • Power…agility and unhesitating action by following the Heart
  • Go for it ALL without hesitation…Vigorous action
  • Balancing all bodies…mind and Spirit in full reconnection of Power
  • Solar Vibrancy…resourceful assistance from the masculine energies
  • Came into Earth with Light On and extremely psychic…intuitive and artistic
  • Patience…silence and Self-assuredness while staying true to ourselves

 Cow/Bull Medicine:

  • Being alert and aware to changes around us
  • Connection to Great Mother…Love and contentment
  • Connection to the grasses…grassroots movements…HearteStream
  • Sharing through community…group work
  • Bull: Ability to stand your ground
  • Gentleness and acceptance
  • Ease of Life and sweetness of Being
  • Deep chest/throat resonant healing soundings

 Coyote Medicine:

  • The Higher Fool…stepping off the edge into the High Heart of Compassion
  • Co-creating One’s own New Reality to meet the needs of All
  • Ability to make use of Ancient wisdom in a New Way…with a new purpose
  • Knowing that All sentient Life is precious and respecting it so
  • Simplicity and trust…return of the True Innocence of our Essential Self
  • Using focusing and balancing systems for making good use of bold energy surges
  • Extremely intelligent…instinctive and adaptable in all situations
  • Bringing in the primal wild Earth energy for reconnection…pathway to Peace and harmony
  • Joyful and adventurous people with courageous Hearts
  • Manifesting your greatest dreams with humor and enjoyment

 Crane Medicine:

  • Good Fortune…things are turning around to the Light side of Love
  • Longevity…innovation…intelligence and creation through focus
  • Feminine energies and wonders of Creation
  • Vocalize oneself with Heart and eloquence
  • Sound healing through use of our voice
  • Connections to Primal Origin and the Mother
  • Ancient symbol of Justice and Redemption
  • Influential actions through balanced movement
  • New sense of protection while defending a new Creation
  • Recovery of what was lost…Self…restitution
  • Solar bird…reconnection with the Masculine energies of our Universe
  • Emotional balance…good health and Spiritual Joy

Damselfly/Dragonfly Medicine:

  • Mastery of Life on the wing
  • Living spontaneously with Life
  • Power of flight and Light
  • Power and protection to escape an aggression…psychic or otherwise
  • Understanding dreams and breaking down interfering illusions
  • Seeing the True Reality in Life
  • Swiftness into and through radical changes
  • Breaking down old habituals through extreme transformative change

 Deer/DeerHearte Medicine:

  • Grace…beauty…illumination and mystic insight/sight
  • Gentleness in word…thought and touch
  • Ability to listen and respond from the Deep Heart
  • Grace and appreciation for the Beauty of Balance
  • Power of gratitude by giving and receiving
  • Connection to the woodland fairy realm/Beings of the deep forests
  • Alternative paths to goals…leading to Peace and generosity
  • Dreams and fairy magic…vigilance and speed
  • Intensive radical healing from the deepest Heart

 Dolphin/Porpoise Medicine:

  • Knowledge of the sea and oceans
  • Protection and resurrection…recovery of Soul parts
  • Ability to read water patterns…signs of New Energies entering this world
  • Profound change bringing a new rhythm of Life
  • Wisdom…Balance and Harmony
  • Communication skills on all levels of Being with humor…Grace and Joy
  • Freedom to Be our own Self in all areas of Life…Absolute Trust in Self
  • Understanding the Power of Rhythm in your Life
  • Use of breath to release intense emotional energies and trauma
  • Water elemental magic for creation and healing
  • Peaceful with astounding Inner Strength
  • Water Shamans

 Dove/Pigeon Medicine:

  • Dove of Peace and Love
  • Bringer of a deep Serenity and quiet stillness in the deep Heart and Soul
  • Renewal and Restoration on a profound level of the Soul
  • Understanding of and right use of gentleness and simplicity in Life
  • Communicator between the old world of Earth and the New Gaia Earth
  • Bridging the two worlds with Love and Light and Heart
  • Maternity with Mother Earth and the Co-Creation of a New Earth Home World
  • Universal Feminine Energy of Creation
  • Home…security and Family
  • Works with Amethyst…purple tranquility…stone of confidence
  • Transition passages of a radical nature
  • Building a secure and safe home
  • Voice of a New Beginning
  • Medicine of intense healing and healers
  • Healing on all levels: emotionally…physically…mentally and Spiritually

 Duck Medicine:

  • Overcoming obstacles with intuition…ingenuity and emotional detachment
  • Emotional well-Being and protection of the Soul
  • New opportunities are available now…be awake and aware of break-throughs
  • Moving swiftly into new adventures to take advantage of impending openings
  • Spiritual Freedom and spontaneity by taking flight when the time is right
  • Powerful sense of community’s group co-creation
  • Healing Power through emotional vulnerability…staying open to receiving
  • Living in the moment with Grace and Self-expression

 Elephant Medicine:

  • Commitment…Royalty…Strength and personal Power
  • Connection to ancient wisdom and Power…parallel to our human way of Life
  • Removal of obstacles and barriers
  • Confidence…patience and utilizing all opportunities
  • Gentleness…communicating in relationships…family clan is paramount
  • Discernment…intelligence and compassion
  • Deeply connected to all Sentient Beings to whom they are relating
  • Telepathy…psychic communication with a full range of emotions
  • Amazing memory recall…gift of nurturing and support
  • Primal Feminine energies…Inner Knowing while walking with Grace and rhythm
  • Hearing…smell…touch and taste is very keen/sensitive
  • Maintain and uncover deep hidden memories…full knowledge of plants and roots
  • Bringing memories to the consciousness for evaluation and healing

 Elk Medicine:

  • Ability to pace oneself in tasks through the best use of energy
  • Respecting own gender
  • Fulfillment of goals…projects and Life purpose
  • Strong…fast reflexes with stamina and agility
  • Alert and observant of subtle energies
  • Organic vegan diet (raw) gives strength and energy without stress
  • Making of a sacred sanctuary to keep balanced…healed and free
  • Demands respect from a strong Self-image
  • Strength…empowerment and nobility
  • Rebuilding a wavering Self-confidence

Ferret Medicine:

  • Keen observation…being aware and awake in the midst of tremendous changes
  • Ability to see truths behind all Realities…including false worlds
  • Stealth…initiative and ingenuity
  • Fun loving…happy…playful and inquisitive
  • Takes fast action to make use of new opportunities with potential for growth
  • Highly intelligent and clever in making use of creative possibilities
  • Building a home sanctuary with what we need to take care of ourselves
  • Importance of staying focused in the now with our Priority co-Creations
  • Intuitive and sensitive with a knowledge of the creative subconscious
  • Going deep inside for answers to our Life’s questions
  • Awaken to our innate true Powers of Spirit and Soul
  • Follow your Dreams

 Frog Medicine:

  • Reminder of the common bonds with all Life
  • Singer of songs that celebrate the most ancient of watery beginnings
  • Transformation…Cleansing and Rebirth
  • Understanding emotions…the emotional body for creativity and healing
  • Intensive healing through all bodies and multi-dimensions of Self
  • Bringer of rain and cleansing freshness of Earth and Soul

 Golden Eagle Medicine:

  • Understanding the cycles of the Sun
  • All aspects of clear vision while seeing into other worlds
  • A Solar Bird and Spiritual Power through Illumination
  • Courage…Wisdom and Strength within the World of Spirit
  • Creation through higher states of awareness
  • Moving quickly through the Mental…Spiritual and emotional realms
  • Highly intuitive and creative Spirit…Vision from the highest places
  • Respect for the boundaries of the regions of Self and others
  • A strong and Powerful foundation for a newly expanding consciousness
  • Taking intensive responsibility for own creations
  • Remaining connected and balanced in Earth world with Spirit

 Goose Medicine:

  • Movement along one’s Soul path…journeying into new adventures
  • Power of community…cooperation…communication
  • Assisting others through illness…dedication…fertility
  • Happiness…compassion…caring…fidelity and loving
  • Synergy of working in group to accomplish what one cannot do alone
  • Often linked with the Winter Solstice
  • Honoring the cyclical nature of our lives
  • Comfort in our own rhythms which leads to balance and harmony
  • Verbal communication and the Power of the written word
  • The journey of the great quest for Freedom
  • Team work in Spirit through physical creation and manifestation

 Grouse Medicine:

  • Standing at the door of the Great Spiral
  • Understanding the circular and cyclical nature of time…healing and Life
  • Dancing and traveling through the spiral sacredness of Life
  • Travel and whole Being expansion through the Great Spiral
  • Understanding and working with the cyclical nature of our Universe
  • Unique vision and enlightenment through raising our vibrations
  • Comprehensive regeneration and new ways of Being in Life

 Hawke Medicine:

  • Visionaries and messengers of the unseen Realms of Spirit
  • Speakers of the Truth from the Wisdom of our Ancient Selves
  • Culmination of our greatest efforts is just around the corner and within our sights
  • Ability to See and Know the Realities of others…clear sightedness
  • Ancestral roots and transformation of our human DNA
  • Powerful emissary of change…awakener of Self and others
  • Envisioning & holding the potentials for what is being manifested as our New Reality/New Earth/New Paradigm
  • Understanding and overcoming our obstacles to prosperity and abundance
  • Genius that converts a “poverty program” into great abundance and prosperity
  • #14…higher expressions of psychic ability and vision
  • Discernment and intuition through observation…wisdom…courage and Truth
  • Illumination…seeing the full picture…Spiritual Forces…Union with All That Is
  • Prophetic protectors…visionaries of the Air…holder of the keys to higher consciousness
  • Radical changes necessary to prompt our Spiritual growth
  • Surrender and give up anything that doesn’t honor the integrity of All

 Heron Medicine:

  • All aspects of diversity and the Joy of uniqueness
  • Joy of Self-reliance and Self-Sovereignty working in group dynamics
  • Boundaries and safety Essential for all radical changes
  • Exploration…discovery and Self knowing through experience and adventure
  • Self-esteem…dignity…Self-Love through protection and safety
  • Balancing multiple tasks/dimensions/experiences in full consciousness
  • Joy of Being on/with the Earth’s waters…rivers…creeks…oceans & bays
  • Guardians of the elemental Water realms…boundary protectors…and healing
  • Diving into the elemental waters of the Soul for recovery
  • Elegance and straightforward living Life with purpose

 Honey Bee Medicine:

  • The ability to accomplish the impossible over and over again
  • Enjoy the sweetness of life brings and understand the proper use of energy
  • Intentions clearly focused on a making life sweeter and improved
  • Self-sufficient…focused…very determined and committed
  • Work best when working with others in a community of like minded people
  • Highly productive and enjoy the benefits of your creativity/manifestation
  • Trust in the miracle of Spirit
  • Greatest desire for all sentient Beings to co-habitate in Peace and Love and Light
  • Manifestation of newly formed/created abundance

 Horse Medicine:

  • Passionate and compelling need for Freedom
  • Inner strength and Spirit Power of the Shaman
  • Transports us to our New Home and New Life
  • Balance and wisdom gained from the whole Journey
  • Sharing our Spirit skills as a Gateway to Power
  • Responsible way of using Power with the Heart
  • Powers of clairvoyance and prophecy
  • Using strong emotions and desires to the finish
  • Physical strength and vitality
  • Ride with the wind to higher realms of the Soul
  • Movement…travel and new journeys
  • Power of unified humanity (Sister March 2017)
  • Rites of Passage of coming into Authentic Power

 Hummingbird Medicine:

  • Ability to heal by using Light as a laser from the mouth…Light in flight
  • EnJoyment of Life and the Lightness of Being
  • Endurance over long journeys and holding boundaries
  • Ability to fly into small places to heal with Shamanic healing
  • Joy…Happiness and Love…reminder of our true Essential Selves
  • Developing adaptability and resiliency…while Being present in the Now
  • Playfulness and optimistic outlook on Life
  • Uplifting and transmuting negativity
  • Swiftness…the ability to respond and change directions quickly
  • Opening up the Heart and filling it with more Love and Joy
  • Flexible and spontaneous to be available for opportunity
  • Highly sensitive to emotions and movement in one’s environment

 Jaguar Medicine:

  • Solitary path of reclaiming your own Power
  • Reaping the harvest and recovery of your own labors
  • Powerful…intense and challenging
  • Grace and wholeness…Unhesitated springing into action
  • Radical Power of an unwavering perseverance and determination
  • Discretion…strength of Heart and Mind working together in harmony
  • Travelers into the deepest realms of Ancient Power
  • Limitless potential and Clairaudience
  • Fulfill goals/dreams through pliability and steadfastness
  • Go within to release our fears…heal our emotions…trust our inner sight/intuition
  • Guide to the realms of the subconscious…secrets of life and Creation are found

 Kingfisher Medicine:

  • Connection to peaceful seas and Life of serenity in the Soul
  • Happiness…Love and Peace in Self-recovery and Life
  • Songs and voice of Joyful Beingness
  • Indifference to surroundings while focusing on own work and Earth healing
  • Clear vision through emotional waters
  • Ability to dive (focus) down deep to catch ones dreams/desires for healing
  • Water Shamans extraordinaire…Power in a small form
  • Boundary protectors…sentries and Joy Birds of the Earth’s waterways

 Lion Medicine:

  • Brotherhood…male integration and balancing
  • Letting go of unneeded stress and old karmic patterns
  • Strong family ties to the Clan/Tribe
  • Working within the family structure to release ancient miasmic patterning
  • Strength…Courage and Energy for Self-Fulfillment
  • Ruler of the Heart through the male Sun…Regulus the Heart of the Lion
  • Relating to…understanding from and living in the full Heart
  • Working together…synergy of group dynamics and community cooperation

 Loon/Great Northern Diver Medicine:

  • Spirit of the Wilderness…the true wild Nature of the Earth Mother
  • Connection to the ancient bird energy…creating the new Earth Bird Tribe
  • Voice as a signature for healing and creating…unique songs of untamed Nature
  • Connection to elemental water energy and emotions
  • The value of being a strong swimmer and diver in the deep subconscious
  • Understanding dreams and out of body excursions
  • Dreamtime work of healing and Creating through our multi-dimensional Being
  • Traveling the Dream Lines and clearing while Creating
  • Realm of wishes and dreams…embodies the greatest longing of the Soul
  • Creator of the world through unedited wishes and dreams fulfilled
  • Free of Inhibitions…recognizing/acknowledging the creating of one’s own Reality

 Mole Medicine:

  • Guardian of the lower regions
  • Connection with the energies of the deep Earth…elementals
  • Knowledge of herbs…roots…minerals…seeds & hidden bounties of the Earth
  • Ability to turn inward towards the Heart
  • Love expressed in the purest Beauty of Nature
  • Sensitivity to touch and vibration…the kinesthetic whole body sensing
  • Understanding and working with all energies and fluxes

Moose Medicine:

  • Self-esteem and outrageous courage of the Heart
  • Joy of deep accomplishment…sharing it with the World
  • Confidence through Primal Feminine Energy of the Universe
  • Fearless and resolute strength
  • Power of Presence and invisibility…ability to be totally unseen when necessary
  • Gracefully move with swiftness and no sound
  • Well balanced through excellent depth perception and ancient wisdom
  • Antlers…“The Crown of Courage”…direct alignment with Universal Knowledge
  • Psychic…clairvoyant and awake @ birth
  • Self-knowing through experiential wisdom…staying true to Essential Self

 Osprey/Sea Eagle:

  • Solar bird…a reminder of the healing Power of the Masculine Sun
  • Knowing how to go after what you want and how to hold onto it
  • Draw forth what you need to move forward from the deep subconscious
  • Impeccable timing in all matters of Life…take opportunities when present
  • Realizing your dreams and moving towards them without hesitation
  • Personal integrity through all aspects of Life…great respect for Self and others
  • Success and profit through the Visionary Power and Self-Sovereignty
  • Total Freedom of Spirit…Soul and all multi-dimensional bodies
  • Spontaneous and flexible Life with unlimited potentials
  • Receiving the Personal Power of the Essential Self
  • Redemption of the deepest levels of Soul into the pools of Creativity

Otter Medicine:

  • Powerful woman’s healing wisdom…especially with the water elementals
  • Sensibility without suspicion…holding in innocence without fear
  • Guidance in unmasking and reclaiming talents
  • Primal Power of Feminine Creativity and Magnetic Energies
  • Psychic awareness and recovery/harvest of the true Self
  • Faithfulness and larger family from other dimensional worlds
  • Understanding the value of playtime and letting go of worries
  • Prophecy…instinctual knowing/wisdom
  • Absolute Freedom of Spirit and Soul

 Owl Medicine:

  • Stealth and Secrecy…keeping inner knowledge to ourselves
  • Silent and swift movement…Night Eagle
  • Seeing through the masks…illusions and deceit which lead to seeing the Truth
  • Keen sight into all matters and worlds…True Reality
  • Link between the dark shadow…unseen worlds and the worlds of Light
  • Comfort with knowing and transforming the shadow Self
  • Moon creation and healing through the Feminine energy
  • Total Freedom on all levels of Being…harbinger of fundamental change
  • Intuitive knowledge…ancient wisdom…awareness and keen observation
  • Strong guide into making and discerning extreme choices
  • Discover hidden potentials and abilities

 Pelican Medicine:

  • Proper use of and return of full Abundance in Life
  • Confident…calm and controlled use of emotions
  • Transformation of ego through cooperation…adaptability
  • Recovery from loss of Self…reforming psyche with Heart and Power
  • Forgiveness and release of old energies
  • Ability to float through emotions and return from the edge of extinction
  • Taking time to fully savor Life and have skillful Self-care
  • Shared adventures of joy and amazement
  • Going inside to find Peace…stillness…balance and fulfillment in Self
  • Bringing Universal abundance into Life

Rabbit Medicine:

  • Creativity and Intuition through good Fortune from own efforts
  • Magnetic energy attraction for clearing/healing/creating
  • Guides us into the shadow worlds of fear for clearing and transformation
  • Not allowing fears to block our progress into freedom and healing
  • Release fears and live by intuitive guidance of Spirit…I am Spirit
  • Traveling in the in-between times of dawn and dusk…Mystery/fairy realms
  • Excellent skills of perception and interpretation
  • Swift…agile and spontaneous movements with great success
  • Bringing fear energy back into the Light to transform and heal back into Love
  • Softly and gently manifesting our dreams…artistic and extremely sensitive

 Raccoon Medicine:

  • Dexterity and wearing many masks…holding secrets of the unknown
  • Absolute Freedom from the many identities that served our purpose on Earth
  • Using the Medicine of mask…disguise to identify and transform Self
  • Strong and muscular in body and remind us to “stand in our Power”
  • Being open and available to receive the gifts of the Universe
  • Highly curious with a keen intellect which leads to new and exciting things in Life
  • Excellent swimmers in the emotional oceans of Life
  • Climbing to new heights to have an expanded awareness of Life’s Reality
  • Vegan foods are preferenced for maintaining health and well-Being
  • Playing the many parts/skills required to do the work of Self transformation
  • Knowing our own true identity and indifferent to the labeling by others
  • Confident and inquisitive with the need to know without fear

 Robin Medicine:

  • Rebirth of the Spirit
  • Growth…renewal and revitalization of Soul
  • Power of song and happiness
  • Guide in the wisdom of change through progression and restitution
  • Connected to the Christ vibration of the High Heart
  • Ability to nurture Self into maturity…responsibility and Self-sufficiency
  • Activation of the creative energy which incites new progress
  • Inner strength and courage in Self
  • Trusting intuition and unique creative expressions
  • New Life…New Home and New Earth
  • Unfailing absolute trust in Self

Rooster Medicine:

  • Celebrate our unique and exceptional abilities and skills
  • Never Give Up…persistence through all obstacles
  • Time to come up out of the shadow and shine your Light
  • Colorful and original with thinking and acting “out of the box”
  • Personal…community…planetary and global responsibility
  • Courage…confidence and kindness
  • Truth…equity and Universal Law
  • Victory over all illusions and delusions…lifting the veils
  • Fiery passion with unexpected possibilities and unlimited potentials
  • Mental acuity and energetic enthusiasm
  • 2017 Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster…transformation

 Salmon Medicine:

  • Value of returning home to regenerate in our place of Origin
  • Swimming upstream through emotional waters to gain insight
  • Understanding divination messages and Rebirth of our Spiritual knowing
  • Healing with the water Elementals and Light
  • Celtic Legend…considered to be the oldest and wisest of animals
  • Amazing powers of focus and concentration towards intention
  • Swimming around objects of resistance and obstructions
  • Traveling with the reverse current flowing beneath the surface
  • Spirit and Honoring our true birthright as Human Beings
  • Being playful and resilient in the waters of Life
  • Coming into the place of birthing new ways of Being…new vibration
  • Strength and stamina to the finish…assured completion

 Sandpiper Medicine:

  • Swiftness in all endeavors of Spirit/Soul
  • Reclaiming and using the tools and skills we already possess
  • Understanding and making use of tidal energies for change
  • Complete Freedom from prejudice and discrimination of all Beings
  • Living and working within a global and local community of Spirit/Soul groups
  • Deep connection to oceans beaches and the in-between worlds
  • Voice recognition and bringing in new Higher Vibrational Energies

 Seagull Medicine:

  • Let your Heart Soar in Joy and Freedom…a state of mind and of the Heart
  • Feel Your Unlimited and Boundless Power
  • Being One with All that Is…unity with all sentient Beings
  • One with the ocean…the land and the sky
  • Let Life carry you with no fear…no worries
  • Feel the wind beneath your wings…raising you higher and higher
  • The Power to be all that you truly are…fully and freely expressed
  • Perspective from a higher vision of the Heart Soul
  • Discover the deeper mysteries of our true nature
  • Integrate the imagination with the reasoning Power of the intellect
  • Balance and harmony on all levels of Being
  • Feel at home in our bodies and uncover our True Inner Beauty

 Sea Hawke Medicine:

  • Renewed strength of body…mind and Spirit
  • Resilient connection to Source and abundance
  • Unlimited opportunities and inspiration
  • Masculine protection and understanding the weather
  • Freedom…fierce action…honing skills and impeccable timing
  • Vision…focus and mental acuity for accomplishment
  • Community and connection to the Moon
  • Making Life easier through new ways of Being
  • Seeing into water waves with miraculous clarity
  • Maintaining integrity and living to one’s ultimate Soul standards
  • Complete transformation of the Life Force…Raw Power…dignity
  • Initiation…Soul retrieval while holding higher realms of ocean Light
  • Wisdom…healing and Creation through the Primordial Feminine

 Seal/Sea Lion Medicine:

  • Power of the Inner Voice to listen and balance ourselves
  • Protection during radical changes and shifts in Reality
  • Protection from potential harm to the Heart and our true Reality
  • Lucid dreaming to bring in highly imaginative and courageous Creation
  • Movement and healing through emotions/waters/oceans
  • Verbal and social Beings (sea lions) of great abundance
  • Deep inner rhythms…feelings and knowing represented by the sea
  • Flowing with the ever changing currents of Life in continual balance
  • Working with the creative water element…feminine imagination and intuition
  • Development and focus of vivid creative imagination
  • Experience consciously both the inner and outer worlds simultaneously
  • Being at home in our bodies and recovery of our inner beauty
  • Earth’s and Humanity’s midwives of the vast oceans

 SeaWolf Medicine:

  • Finding the deepest levels of Self…inner knowing and intuition
  • Connection to the multi-dimensional Star Self
  • Call of the Wild Spirit…the deepest…wildest place within us
  • Friendly…tender…social and gracious…community
  • Symbol of the night…walking the path alone to find Self
  • Recovering the Strength of our Inner Power
  • Extraordinary Powers of endurance and stamina
  • Requires risk…commitment and facing our most profound fears
  • Truly Free Spirit with a primal/penetrating Power
  • Individualist with fierce loyalty to Self and others
  • Taking control of Life with harmony and discipline
  • Balancing solitary and social lives within the community
  • Balancing personal needs with those of the family/clan/tribe
  • Loyalty to the Clan/tribe without giving up personal Power
  • Independent explorer who shares wisdom and new concepts/ideas
  • Extreme intelligence…exceptional hearing and sense of smell
  • Remarkable feeling ability and sensitivity
  • Use of body language and voice to communicate
  • Marking…maintaining boundaries…Pathfinder extraordinaire
  • Death…rebirth and radical change

 Shark Medicine:

  • Visions…prophetic dreams and clairaudience
  • Fearlessness and protection from negative influences
  • Primal emotional transformation
  • Need for solo time to rebalance…find calm and be centered
  • Reconnection to the Higher Realms of Spirit through the elemental of water
  • Taking on Personal Power of an intense nature
  • Need to stay active with the high Creation energy of Life that is linked to water
  • Acute sense of smell and aromatherapy for healing medicine
  • Possessing independence…adaptability and high potentials

 Skunk Medicine:

  • Recovery of Self-esteem and Self-confidence
  • Living a new Life of calm and Heart based Reality
  • Commanding respect for ourselves and giving same to others
  • Standing in our Heart Power with Peace and wise knowing
  • Well-deserved reputation is respected and known by others
  • Fundamental Peace maker through balance and awareness of Self
  • Deep knowledge of energy flows…patterns and systems
  • Aromatherapy is Skunk’s powerful healing medicine
  • Walk in generosity and integrity as Light-Hearted and optimistic Being
  • Intensity in the masterful skill of attraction and repelling
  • Peaceful…efficient protection through Self-trust and intuition
  • Balance between inner and outer…being alone and having a social Life
  • Primal Lifeforce of Universal Creation energy from the Feminine

 Snake Medicine:

  • Deepest Mysteries of Life…extreme Psychic energy
  • Shedding illusions…limitations and outgrown beliefs…habits
  • Creation…fertility…transformation and healing
  • Earth Mother and inner vision assist in seeing into the Hearts of others
  • Aliveness expressed through sensuality…healing on a deep cellular level
  • Metamorphosis into a new Being of Love and Light
  • Vitality…ambition…dreams and intellect
  • Wisdom…understanding and wholeness into integrity
  • Creation with primitive/elemental energy of the Divine Feminine
  • Shamanic Initiation into Cosmic consciousness
  • Ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance
  • Often cold with lower body temperatures…need very little food for energy
  • Sense vibrations in the body that travel through the Earth
  • Swift radical changes sweep through Life
  • Death of the old and rebirth into untapped Power…eternity
  • Guardian of sacred places and keeper of concealed knowledge

Squirrel Medicine:

  • Gathering playfulness
  • Resourceful with the ability to change directions quickly
  • No obstacles that cannot be overcome with cleverness and Spirit
  • Never relinquish your dreams…phenomenal perseverance
  • Exquisite and intentional future preparations while staying in the Present
  • Balance action and rest…gathering and giving
  • Social…verbal communications
  • Building a strong trust in Spirit and the Universe to provide

 Starfish Medicine:

  • Doing Life in own unique way…no matter how strange it appears to others
  • Highly successful…Self-Created extraordinary path
  • Living Life without duality…exemplifying the unusual
  • Highly imaginative and creative methods of healing and recovery
  • Following the High Heart and Inner Voice/Wisdom into new unknown territory
  • Unwavering trust in own instincts
  • Ability to envision unlimited potential and opportunity in all pursuits
  • Inspiration and Spiritual Truths
  • Reconnection to Star Self and other Multi-Dimensional Selves
  • Using the Moon and tides for rejuvenation

 Swallow Medicine:

  • Group dynamics of Love and trust in…community…co-creation and cooperation
  • Quick thoughts…taking action…while remaining objective of the mundane world
  • Masters of the Air…with Grace and agility with a fiercely unique style
  • Ingenuity… resolve and highly developed Shamanic skills
  • Warmth…success and protection of home…removing invasive energies
  • Daring and fearless in acquiring new opportunities for growth and co-creation
  • Water elemental birds…soaring with the currents of Life
  • Building dreams with the Primal essence and synchronicity of the Earth
  • Extracting that which causes pain…negative energies and trauma
  • Closely related to the Thunderbird of Happiness and oncoming storms
  • Connection to the arrival of thunderstorms and wild shifting Earth weather
  • Recurrent regeneration…understanding the cyclical nature of Life
  • Strong Intentions with daring success…new opportunities of the Heart

  Swan Medicine:

  • Initiation into the elements of Air (Spirit) and Water (Emotion)
  • Unlimited transformation of all Life…new Life and Joy
  • Accelerates the growth and expansion of Integration in Oneness of Self
  • Ancient…powerful tonic…elegance and song
  • Advancing the intense healing evolution of the human Spirit and Soul
  • Surrender to Spirit absolutely…awakening to the Power of our Essential Self
  • Total and complete restoration and reconfiguration of Self
  • Life of fearless Ease…Inner Beauty…Power and Self-esteem
  • Moving into Higher and more expanded states of consciousness
  • Initiation of Oneness through Self-Love…Freedom and the Breath of Life
  • Insight into the meaning of our dreams and other dimensional lives
  • Seeing into the futures and understanding Spiritual evolution
  • Developing and perfecting intuitive abilities and Divination
  • Grace with others in relationships while committing to full Self recovery
  • Love…music and artistic endeavors
  • Dreaming in a New Future…New Paradigm of Living in Grace in the Heart

 Turtle/Tortoise Medicine:

  • Symbol of the ancient Earth and a new connection with the center
  • Associated with the primal Feminine creation energies
  • Power to heal female dis-eases and trauma
  • Respecting the boundaries of others while maintaining own with Heart
  • Developing new ideas and patience
  • Psychically protecting oneself through non-violent defense of the Heart
  • Self-reliance…tenacity and good navigation skills
  • Path of Peace with determination and persistence
  • Emotional strength and understanding
  • Effortlessly attracting good things in Life with Ancient wisdom
  • Native tuning into the elementals…land…plants…people and animals

 Whale Medicine:

  • Record keeper for all eternity…Co-Creator of the Cosmos…the New Earth
  • Ability to convert raw matter into worlds…planets and stars
  • Complete knowledge of voice and sound healing
  • Psychic and telepathic abilities to perfection
  • All aspects of the sea…healing through the deep subconscious
  • Beauty with absolute necessity of movement…Life
  • Universal Creation Energy Frees the Soul for out of body travel
  • Maintaining/supporting rainfall on the Earth and all weather creation
  • Using the vibrational energy of Earth and song and voice to heal & reconnect
  • Assisting humans in finding their Soul Song…seal Soul fissures and energy leaks
  • Soul memories and Seeing the unseen

 Wild Turkey Medicine:

  • Honoring Earth and Her Nature in Full Abundance…our personal Harvest
  • Physical…emotional and Spiritual nourishment
  • Unlocks the fullness of Life in complete balance…open doors to New Earth
  • Earth Eagle…bringing the Higher Energies down to the Earth world
  • Generosity and gratitude open the path to growth and Rebirth
  • Complete satisfaction from the infinite resources within us all
  • Receiving the Gift of a New Life and New Home World
  • Transformation of ego for Higher purposes of Freedom and evolution
  • Fierceness and courage in using voice for Truth
  • Living in harmony with the Spirits of the land
  • Skills of observation…cunning and agility

 Woodpecker/Flicker Medicine:

  • Connection to the Earth and the Earth’s drummers
  • Ability to find hidden layers of deception which lead to Truth
  • Understands rhythms…cycles and patterns in Life
  • Warnings and knowings through radical Self change
  • Associated with thunder…elementals and Shamanic drumming
  • Reaching a new vibration/rhythm in Life…following the beat of a new drum
  • Living in the New Earth through the Heart…in full consciousness
  • New Beginnings…new starts in Life


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