LadyHawke…Water/Earth Shaman

In the Hoh
In the Hoh Rain Forest

I am an Interpersonal…Planetary and Cosmic Healer and Co-creatorworking in harmony with the Spirits...the Elementals…the Guardians…stones and crystals…the plants and the animal Beings of the Earth that I love and cherish…along with all Sentient Beings of this Universe of True Love and Light.  This along with my expertise of the use of sound will facilitate the release of trauma energy in all the energetic bodies.

Today I value most the Whole Heart…the Love and Compassion of the High Heart…and entraining our Hearts with that of the Earth.  This is an ancient way of grounding that prepares us for the transition into the world of Love and Light and Peace…the New Gaia Earth.  This magnificent Shift…taking place now through the release of the old/limiting paradigms of behavior and thought…allows these expanded realms of consciousness to move into our Hearts with more ease I am clearing and activating my own Heart for healing and integrating into these higher frequencies.

Ruby Beach on the West Coast

My own self-healing from a challenging childhood of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Government Mind Control Programming has prepared me for the challenges of supporting the healing of Self…others and our Earth.  This journey has led me through several Shaman’s Deaths…a place of complete loss of self-esteem…dis-empowerment and of knowing myself/Self…and finally into profound recoveries.  This present Earth timeline of returning back into wholeness and healing is delivering me into an overall sense of the true meaning of my Essential Self (Spirit)…Self-Sovereign…Self-Sustaining and  Self-Knowing.  It is the continuing recovery of my Soul and Personal Power through the Multi-Dimensional healing of my Bodies…Mind and Spirit…that leads me to the full remembering of my Life purpose for being on this Earth.

Tree Hugs
Colorado High Country

My love of drumming/chanting/toning…crystals/crystal bowls and Shamanic travel…along with my Heart…guides me along this chosen route into the Totality of myself…the New Gaia Earth and for the others who are choosing to be a conscious participant in this incredible Earth Transformation.  As a Deprogrammer and Codebreaker…I have been guided by my Heart…the Earth and the Spirits who travel with me to break the codes of the enslaving Mind Control programs of this Earth world…making way to the Freedom for us all.   This has led me to the deepest unfathomable reaches of the Heart of my Human Soul…and to the aid in the reconstruction of this Earth’s Dreamtime…Songlines and Earth grids that will sustain the energies of the New Gaia Earth…as well as a total reforming of the human genetic DNA.

I live the ever present…spontaneous and open life of a Shamaness dedicated to the Freedom of the Human Heart and Soul of this Earth…Terra and Gaia.  I do not follow a traditional path…I prefer to be guided by my own intuitive Self-Created System which is based on the experience of my Multi-Dimensional timelines on many Earths and related realms.  I work through the genetic DNA of my/our cellular bodies in order to facilitate a lasting restructured alteration of our whole Being through radical change.  It is within our Multi-Dimensional anatomy that this Shamanic revision can and will take place. (see Powered by Love)Rialto BeachI especially cherish my Earth adventures alone and with others that take place with my New Gaia Earth home…the Living Presence of the rain forests…on the “in between worlds” of the ocean beaches…and in the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington.  I enjoy hiking…drumming and quietly listening to the Voices of the Wind…the Water…the Earth and the Spirits surrounding me…being One with these Powers who give me Life and profound Mind…Body and Spirit healing.  Mine is a unique and powerful passage that fulfills my daily life while embracing the Sacred World of the Earth’s wild and primal natural forces.  This is the true Grace I have come to know through a shift in how I view Life and It’s many Joys.  Please see “Spirit Bear” for one of my many memorable Spirit Journeys to the northern wilds of BC and an immense ancient water held StarGate.Bald EagleMany of us who have chosen and followed the Shamanic path of Self do not necessarily follow the methodology of our predecessors.  I do not follow any specific tradition or use any conventional rituals or ceremonies in my Shamanic work.  With the experiential knowledge that I continue to gain from my own deep trauma healing throughout many timelines…as well as my own Shamanic bloodline codes…I have perfected…originated and designed my own synthesis of Shamanic practice that effectively serves me and those with whom I work.  I have combined my expertise in Shamanic interdimensional travel with my knowledge of Energy and Vibrational Crystalline Sound Healing to be of service to those who seek guidance in their own healing and the recovery of their Selves.  We are all healers in our own Essential Spiritual Selves and as healers…Shamans are simply acting as the guides…facilitators…collaborators and intermediators for those pursuing their own Self-recovery…while functioning as Spiritual Midwives to the processes of re-birthing…renewal and whole Being transformation.  “See Shamanism Reborn


I have recently moved back to The Colorado Rockies…living in Glenwood Springs…surrounded by the high granite peaks and on top of the geothermal water system below this Hot Springs area of the state…it is another beautiful Earth place full of incredible energies for healing the Heart and Soul of ourselves and our planet…I will eventually resume my Shamanic services here.

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I am Gaia…the Heart and Soul of Our New Earth World

New Gaia Bay
Gaia Bay
Gaia Deer
Wolf Trail Deer @ Hurricane Ridge…on the Same Path