Brain Waves…Moving Through Sound for Deep Healing

Water BeautySound is understood as rhythm and takes the form of waves. Humans are electromagnetic beings and our brain is an electrochemical organ whose activity is measured through brainwaves.  Natural waves…called Earth Waves…are created by the electrical activity in the atmosphere registering at 7.8 Hz.  These Earth waves…identical to the alpha wave frequency range of our human brainwaves…are measured in cycles per second called Hertz.  Each cycle of wave is a pulse of sound and the patterns that the pulses create are what make up rhythm.

The Earth’s natural “brain rhythm” is formed from the sixty-four elements in the ground that create geomagnetic waves. These are the identical minerals that are found in the red corpuscles of our human blood.  This vital link of our human biorhythms to that of our Earth…the indestructible bond between humanity and our planet…places us as unquestionable co-creators of our Home World.  This is known as entrainment…the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object cause the less powerful vibrations of another object to lock in step and pulsate/vibrate at the rate of the first object.PerfectionIt is through this process of entrainment that Sound Healing takes place by altering the inner rhythms of an individual through the use of external rhythms or sounds.  Daily we are being bathed in artificial electromagnetic waves from many sources that can disrupt the natural biorhythms of humans as well as those of the Earth.  Being in synchronicity with the innate rhythm of the Earth gives us stability…calm and the power to flow with the Creativity of the Universe…whereas being out of harmony can cause depression…inactivity and dysfunction.  Thus is the great importance of being deeply connected to our Earth through our Hearts and Souls by being consciously “on” and “with” the Earth and her elementals as often in our daily lives.True ReflectionsIt is said that a fully functioning brain can generate as much as 10 watts of electrical power…I suspect that this is an understatement while measuring the electrical activity of a “complete” human brain that utilizes 100% of the right and left hemisphere brain capacities.  Our human brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons…which use electricity to communicate with each other.  Brainwaves measure this activity in terms of amplitude and speed…the lower the amplitude…the faster the waves and vice versa.Repetitious activity such as highway driving…drumming and music can cause us to fall into a relaxed Theta state of mind…which often brings great intuitive knowing and fertile ideas to come to the surface of our consciousness.  It is a state of mind where we can disengage from an activity through the automatic and repetitive nature of it…and slip into the Theta range of free flow thinking and heightened awareness and creativity.  Drummers know all about this…and it is a belief that different rhythms can work directly with our brainwaves to make dynamic changes in our nature…ie. change our rhythms and we can change our brainwaves and thus our behavior.?????????????What we are talking about here is Sound Healing and how it really works to be an intentional driving force behind the release of and healing from traumatic memory.  In other words…by changing the vibratory rate of a human being through the introduction of a variety of sounds and rhythms…it is possible to shift the vibratory rate of the trauma rhythms into new patterns of health… well-being and freedom.

Alpha Waves                   from 8 to 13 hz.     These occur in daydreaming or  meditation…becoming stronger and more regular when eyes are closed…hypnosis…and non-arousal…

Theta Waves                   from 4 to 7 hz.        These are found in high creativity and the consciousness present in Shamanic work such as Shamanic journeys…in deep meditation and sleep…paranormal phenomena…out of body experiences and ESP…

Delta Waves                     from .5 to 3 hz.      These occur in deep dreamless sleep or unconsciousness as well as deep meditation in conscious individuals.

High Beta Waves            from 23 to 33 hz.   These are associated with hyperactivity and some states of anxiety…when managed can be a great source of healing energy…someone engaged in their work…

K Complex Waves          over 33 hz.              These often follow rapid waves of intuition…the “aha” moments when there is sudden understanding of ideas or experiences…an opportunity for awakening. 

Gamma Waves                30-80+            Seasoned meditators…bursts of precognition…sudden integration of ideas or experiences…processing in deep meditation…healing through knowing without ego.

Extensive studies have been made on the effect that sound and vibration have on our human Autonomic Nervous System…which includes blood pressure…pulse rate…respiration…galvanic skin response as well as muscle tension.  It has been found that there is a direct influence through our sensitivity to the volume as well as rhythm of music and sounds…and often an individual’s heart rate will entrain or synchronize with those sound vibrations.  This alone is a powerful motivation towards our being meticulously intentional with what sounds and vibrations we choose to live among and allow into our bodies and minds. 

In the 60’s it was found that the human brain actually vibrated when immersed in pulsing sound waves.  The frequencies being used at that time to entrain the brain were in the same range as the brain waves themselves…from .5 hz to about 20 hz…and were too low to be heard with the human ear…in other words…being given subliminal messages.  On the other hand…the activity being used today for synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain is called hemi-sync…often with the use of earphones through music.  Sonic entrainment has been used by medicine women…men and Shamans from indigenous cultures since ancient times.  The ability to create altered states of consciousness through drumming…chanting and sound is as old as humanity itself…healing of the body…Soul and Spirit.

Love and Light…LadyHawke