Cancer: Pearls of the Human Soul

 Lovely Lake CrescentWe all know the fear and dread we have around the word Cancer… as well as the nasty treatments that our old ***allopathic medical system*** from the false world doles out to the ones who allow such false… insidiously damaging energy to come into their bodies and Souls…terror and panic driving us to do anything to stop the assault on our whole Beings.  

We also know the so-called “beauty” that has been attached to the pearl in our old paradigm social world…women adorning themselves with strings of them for eons. They have been loved and highly valued for thousands of years…worth many a fortune and reputed to be an aphrodisiac…not to mention a social indicator of wealth and success.

Do we know how the pearl becomes?? They are the only gem produced by a living Being on this Earth…the mollusk oyster…and nearly unique of their Universal Love and worship.oyster-pearl

A “natural” pearl begins its Life inside a living mollusk oyster shell existing in the oceans and waterways of our Earth…when an intruder comes into the shell it finds its way in between the layers of oyster protection…one such as tiny as a grain of sand or small parasite. This creates an irritation that sets into motion a series of actions that create the “beautiful pearl”…actions that are designed to protect the living creature itself from this trespassing object. Multiple layers of nacre…a mineral substance that forms the mollusk’s shells begin to form around the invading grain of sand. Layer upon layer of nacre…known as mother-of-pearl…shield the grain of sand from the living creature…until an iridescent lustrous pearl is formed.Ocean Light

A “cultured” pearl is fashioned in farms in the same manner except the disturbing grain of sand or object is “intentionally and cruelly” placed inside the “forced open” shell and into a cut made into this living being’s sexual organs…all for the express purpose of creating pearls for an enormously profitable jewelry/adornment industry. It greatly harms the well-Being of this living entity of our Earth waters…producing a success rate of 5%…with a die off rate of 95%.

This is an industry that supports the Self-destructive nature of our Humanity…a character flaw which annihilates that which we feign to Love…from the humans who suffer while diving for these gems…to the ocean Eco-systems that have been devastated through the harvesting of them…leaving masses of dying living creatures on the beaches like the carcasses of bison on the plains of North America. Columbus’ discovery of the pearls at the mouth of the Orinoco River in South America began the great race for pearls in Europe with the shipment of thousands of these “gems”…to the “royal” families and those of tremendous wealth and Power.River Light

And what do pearls and cancer have in common?? Cancer is formed in much the same manner as the pearl grows inside an oyster shell. All dis-ease is sourced from a human’s energetic body and thereafter begins to materialize in the physical body. Trauma is the Source of all dis-ease in our physical human bodies…it is the “grain of sand” that invades our systems and causes the “pearl/cancer cells” to form out of our immune defense system’s response to the interfering energies.

It may be more simply understood in the issue of allergies and asthma…both of which are fear responses to a traumatic event(s) in our history…one(s) which may or may not be known to our conscious Selves…often buried in the deep subconscious mind…like the grain of sand in the oyster. Asthma is especially telling as a trauma/fear/terror reaction to an event whereas the individual cannot “breathe” from the shock(s) and disturbance that has occurred…one(s) that is known or not to be the trigger of this dis-ease response of our body. Asthma is a dis-ease of the area of the Heart…created from a distressing event that the human Heart cannot understand or make sense of…resulting in a Heart break of injustice to our human Soul. Universal laws demand that all “action” begets “reaction”…not good or bad…simply a stone dropped in a pond making waves…the known or unknown intention of the stone declares the positive or negative response.Elk Tribe

Clearly the detrimental allopathic treatments are designed to “attack” the living Being and make for more suffering…damage and harm to the human body and Soul…setting off further injurious action-reaction sequences…rather than directly addressing the “pearl grain of sand”. The “pearl grain of sand” is the true Source of all dis-ease and the gateway to all comprehensive healing.   It takes much Soul searching and Spiritual investigation to get to these trauma memories that we all harbor in our deep subconscious…a commitment that can become a lifetime of radical choices…those designed to heal and Love rather than fight and destroy.

Of course there are the genetic factors involved which make some of our bodies “cancer makers” through the invasive alien energies that corrupted our DNA templates. It is those of us who are the ones most compelled to follow the Spiritual path to wholeness and integration for relief from the ancient suffering and unease of our bloodline clans. There is also the viral causes of cancer to be considered as well.  It is a simple and yet radical choice for us to embrace Love…Peace and Healing through the human Heart over the ancient ways of fear…battle and destruction through the old paradigm world. Always…choice is the powerful key to our own and our Earth’s future.

*** relating to or being a system of medicine that aims to combat disease by using remedies (drugs…radiation or surgery) which produce effects that are different from or incompatible with those of the disease being treated.

 with Love…Light and Gratitude…LadyHawke

 Bay New Earth Light