EndTimes: Living in the New Gaia Earth

Sea Beauty
Kalaloch West Coast

We are at the edge of and into the basically unknown world of new Creation…The New Gaia Earth…that is being “birthed” in at this moment in Time into this dimension. Having come into this Earth world of the “Game”…played it well…and with Grace extracted ourselves from its enslaving clutches…the Freedom that we have all spent our lives searching and working towards is approaching.  The point of Critical Mass…where the old is less prominent than the new with the scales tipping toward the new and the unknown…is finally here. 

Earth Sanctuary
Crescent Bay

Massive Light Energy from our Sun…Earth’s male partner and conduit to Source…has been sending the Light energy codes we all need to convert our individual energies from the old/negative thought forms and group mind that follows the false rules…into new forms of Being.  It is as exciting and exhilarating as it is challenging and full of intensity that many of us have not known for eons.  The limitless possibilities that lead us to simultaneous infinite Creations and growth into new Beings of Love and Light are available.  All sequential time frames have originated in off-planet groups…who have had an agenda of mind control and the enslavement of the human race…in order to have full access to the Earth’s resources and the enormously creative Human Heart.  That too is coming to an end…thank Grace. EndTimes is in progress and extreme radical change is in the air.

All of the control issues today…originating from this False World we are exiting…are simply echoes of the past.  They are so deeply embedded in our whole Self that we believe that they still exist as real threats to our well-Being…rather than the phantoms that they truly are.  It is this old Fear Programming that must be expunged from our very cores in order to be completely free of this ancient tyranny and Become our unique/creative/individual Free Selves…while reclaiming our vital roles as stewards of our Earth. 

Cloud Creations
Clouds over Gaia Bay

Truth dictates that the false world with its false authority and the subjugation of our individuality must be brought to the True Light and dissolved into the illusion that it truly is.  Focus on the “out there”…rather than within each individualistic Heart and Soul…is the true objective of this false world.  We give Power to that which we give our Focus.  All Truth comes from within each individual Soul through discernment…intuition and Heart.  Seeking Self legitimacy and integrity outside of ourSelves gives way to the enslavement that created the old Piscean world of domination and terror in the first place.

Hoh River

Choice is the key to all freedom and creation of our Realities here on this Earth world.  The Universe we reside in is one of individualistic Free Will and Choice…providing for the infinite possibilities of existence in its most limitless and uninhibited forms of pure manifestation.  In order to make conscious choices…it is imperative to understand and work with our multidimensional forms/bodies and to know how to manifest the Life we desire through them.  The following is a detailed explanation of these bodies and how they function for us on this Earth world…

        The one we need to comprehend and give our whole selves to…which is also the most difficult to know and feel on our world…is the Spirit/Soul Body…the purest form of our Essential Selves with a direct line to Source.  In Pure Truth…we are Spirit having experiences in human form on this Earth.  It has authority over all other forms.  Having seven bodies on this Earth…and so many timelines to keep track of…it can be a real challenge to know who really has the True Power at any given time…who we really are in our authentic selves.

The Physical Body

made up of solids…liquids…and gases…is extremely significant as it is the means with which we interact…create and manifest within this physical Reality on Earth.  It takes careful attention and maintenance in order to keep it functioning within the parameters of our needs…which differ from one individual to another.  The physical form is a tricky business as its well-being is highly dependent upon the other bodies and must be balanced and carefully synchronized with this Seven Body system…ie. as in the effect the stress of the Emotional Body  can have on the health of the physical body.  A Spiritually awakened and aware individual creates and maintains a healthy body…one who is physically addicted to excess will overwork and poison theirs…having more difficulty traversing this physical world.

Other Worlds
Reflections on Gaia Bay

Etheric/Ethereal Body

is made up of cosmic energy that permeates the other bodies while being the substance that binds together the Physical Body.  Its vital function is to link the Physical Body to the other bodies while translating the five physical senses (sight…hearing…smell…taste and touch) to and from the Spirit Body.  This is what we call In-tuition…the receiving of messages and instructions from the Spirit Body to all other bodies and the strength of this knowledge is a matter of experience and trust in one’s Self.

The Emotional Body

reacts and responds to the information translated from the Etheric Body in the form of e-motions…energy in motion…such as “feelings” of anger…depression…euphoria or fear.  It is composed of a finer energy than the Etheric Body and permeates all other bodies as the one who experiences and stores all emotions both positive and negative.  How easy it is to get lost in our feelings…and to remember that we are Not our emotions…they are simply “a part of us”.  This body is the most demanding and overbearing…and without strong self-control (through awareness practices and detachment)…an individual becomes locked into the false world of the high and lows of drama… leaving them susceptible to manipulation…control and subjugation.  As mentioned above…this emotional body has a great influence on the physical health and well-being of an individual.

The Mental Body

like a big computer…stores all knowledge…while working with ideas and facts…it analyzes…evaluates and considers all experiential sensory information from the Etheric Body.  Along with the Emotional Body…the Mental Body supports the Spirit Body in recognizing patterns and understanding Life on Earth.  The Creative Mind is born when Spirit has control of the Emotional Body feelings and Mental Body thoughts…that is Grace and true Harmony…the Dawn of the New Earth and an entirely new way of Living and Being  human.

The Spirit/Soul Body

is the Infinite Love and Light…our True Essence of Source…coming into and governing the other bodies that form a union to experience and create Life on Earth and other realms of Being.  To know the Truth of our Spirit/Soul…we must embark on a journey of inner self-discovery and awareness…breaking old patterns of thought and behavior.   The Spirit/Soul Body is the executor of the other support bodies working in sync to create the Reality that we need to truly Be here on Earth in all of our uniqueness of expression of Source…while living a Heart-Centered Life. We are Spirit.

with Grace and Heart…Be Free… LadyHawke


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♥ January 21,2017 Update:  Sister Marches in all 50 states of the US and 60 countries…7+ million human participants and who knows how many were there in Spirit.  This is Heart to Heart/HearteStream in Action…creating a shift in the Global Human Consciousness not unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. ♥