Hand-Carved Native American Flute and Bag

This beautifully hand-carved Native American Love Flute is made locally in the Pacific NW by an accomplished flute maker who has been carving and playing flutes for many years…carved from sweet light honey-colored ***Oregon Ash*** in the key of D#…18″…a perfect fit for women or those with smaller hands as the fingering hole stretch is much less than with the often standard larger flutes.

It lives in my handmade leather and Buffalo skin carrying bag for maximum protection and ease in traveling…an extended braided carrying strap is extra long for carrying over the Heart into the Earth places we love…it brings Prayer and Abundance to all.

The Native American flute has been reported to be the third oldest known musical instrument in the world…dating back 60,000 years.  As story tells…it was originally designed as an instrument of Love…by the soulful sounds capturing the heart of a cherished one.   They have been used in time honored traditions of Sacred Ceremony…dances and other rituals of Spirit for many years…as well as personal individual Spirit work.

***Ash trees symbolize surrender…sensitivity and higher awareness. The wood is light colored…strong and straight-grained. Ash is a lovely large deciduous tree with smooth…gray bark on young trees which becomes fissured with age. The leaves are green above…white below and turn yellow…red or purple in the fall.