Fire and Ice Quartz Crystals: The Great Transformers

CrystalsFire and Ice is a stone of initiation and profound acceleration that slices through old patterns in order to expose the Soul’s purpose and how to create and manifest our own Reality through the Dreamtime.  By opening the vision center and insightful psychic communication…it supports a connection with our many other timelines.  This crystal creates endless possibilities through its link to multi-dimensional Realities and the expansion of our consciousness.  It possesses inner configurations that relate to Shamanic work that can be intuitively read for Soul transformation and retrieval. 

This stone carries **bioscalar energy ** waves for multi-dimensional intracellular healing on all levels.  Physically…the crystal stimulates the  pituitary gland…the reproductive and urinary tracts.  It is reconfiguring the endocrine system and ***neurotransmitters*** so that the higher vibrational energy downloads can be more easily integrated and assimilated.  It is especially beneficial during these times of heightened solar activity where these downloads are coming fully and intensely into our world.Solar SourceThe scalar waves embedded in these healing crystals illuminate and magnify the abrasions found in the human genome…the hereditary information of the human body.  These imperfections are caused by traumatic experiences in our Multi-Dimensional timelines and are the origins of abnormalities and dis-ease in the physical body…especially those of a genetic blood lineage basis.  Once they are smoothed out of the DNA patterns…these blemishes can be corrected…  the natural forms can emerge and dis-ease can organically correct itself.  It is a stone unparalleled in the healing of ancestral miasms and genetic based ****syndromes****.  Beacons of LightFire and Ice crystals are the most recent “generation” of the Lemurian Seed crystals: carrying the cosmic fire of transformation that is accelerating the awakening our Spiritual purpose as well as enormous backlogs of Lemurian data and history.  Absorbing True Light energy from the Male Sun…these unique crystals transmit healing energy into the deep heart of Mother Earth and Humanity.  They  re-energize the Earth’s Light grid and enrich our planet by providing a power source for Life transformation.  These crystals are especially beneficial for Spiritual manifestation through a strong resonance with the magnetic energy of the Universal Divine Feminine…the Law of Attraction. Soft PowerThe higher frequency of Fire and Ice Quartz has an influence on all physical energy fields…through opening…balancing and cleansing these fields while increasing the vibrational force and restoring the flow of energy.  Fire and Ice Quartz expands the consciousness into higher dimensions which allows us to more easily follow the guidance and wisdom of the Spirit/Soul higher self.Fire & Ice CrystalThe countless rainbow inclusions inside these crystals raise the vibrations of the Quartz and facilitate its work Multi-Dimensionally.  Fire and Ice Quartz uplifts the energy of the etheric body allowing us to maintain higher vibrations in our physical bodies.  This in turn initiates the lower vibrational negative energies to discharge and transmute…causing the trauma energies held within the cellular memories to release and allow for instinctive healing on deeper levels.  This higher Multi-Dimensional energy of Fire and Ice Quartz helps to purify us on all levels of our Being so that we may function more fully in alignment with our soul’s purpose. (see Picking up the Pieces: Multi-Dimensional Human Anatomy)Fire & Ice

These crystals are the most dedicated and intentional of stones for this time on our Earth and are not satisfied with sitting on the shelf…they are devoted to a very specific purpose in healing and aligning the energies of the Earth and all sentient Beings living here.  This they do through their direct connection to the Sun and the Earth’s waters…the Living Flowing Light of our planet.  With their Multi-Dimensional properties…they are able to clear and aid the transformation of energies on many levels simultaneously…being some of the most expedient and powerfully effective Master healers of our times.  This new crystal sustains us during this significant transition into the Love and Light of the New Gaia Earth.  It is a beacon of pure Love…laughter and joy that can bring a true resurrection of Life Spirit on Earth.

With Love and Grace…LadyHawke

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Fire & Ice on the Bay

**Scalar energy**referred to often as cosmic energy…is described as waves of energy not possessing frequencies and being static and stationary.  This energy is created by the merging point of two electromagnetic waves coming together from different directions.  It is a true Source Energy that affects the healing of all Life forms through force by expansion that can be created and directed through the mind of a healer.

***Neurotransmitters*** are intracellular communicators.

****Syndrome**** is a group of symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a dis-ease or other abnormal condition.

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