Following the Beat of a Different Drum: Recovering a Place in our Hearts

Sol Duc FallsLife is a series of continual experiences and adventures that take us into new realms of an alternative understanding of Life on this Earth. There are no mistakes and no accidents…just new and repeated encounters that lead to different Choices…potentials and possibilities of how we want to be in our skins. Time is a concept that has been established on this Earth to keep humanity under a spell of control…it is not “running out”…and we often find ourselves running around in circles trying to “get things done” and get to the next place we need to be. Whatever happened to the Art of Being…the Mastery of Self? It seems to be a lost art that perhaps had meaning in another timeline…another world even…because it is all about achieving goals and getting somewhere in today’s world…not to mention the continual…addictive accumulation of material goods and “friends”.Sol Duc River in Fall BeautyThere is a stream of energy from the “programmed world” that feels like it is pushing us forward…to where we don’t really know…just keep moving @ all cost…cram as many things into a day as is humanly possible…and hurry up to finish whatever we are doing so we can move onto the next project. It is all about doing and very little about Being…in a Spiritual sense in particular…the true meaning of Life seems to have been lost in this flurry of constant activity. An emptiness and overwhelm seems to be endemic today…leaving us to seek meaning in more materialistic pursuits and fast food communications with one another…often just diversions from the bareness of our lives…being alone with our own lives and often existing in a deep emptiness that doesn’t seem to be filled with any of the myriad of addictive behaviors we have stockpiled.Water PowerRecovering a place in our Hearts where we can find a blessed sanctuary from the pressures of our world is one way of alleviating the pain of separation so many feel…the separation from our True Nature…our Essential Self. We really don’t have the personal Power to make global changes…it is just too big to be of any service…unless we focus on our own lives and our own communities where truly lasting miraculous transformation can take place. Spending as much time in Nature and on the Earth can also be a enduring remedy to Life’s challenges…it resets our inner clocks to the time and rhythm that is Real…a time and rhythm linked to our Hearts and that of the Earth Mother. She gives solace to our yearning that is not relieved through the material world of technology and quick fixes…the kind of support that goes deep into our Souls…and brings Peace and calm to the whole of us in our Hearts.Lake CrescentIt is about living Life in a new way…thinking out of the “box program”…like the salmon swimming upstream… returning home to regenerate through the emotional waters of the Soul…a Rebirth of our Spiritual Being. It takes courage and strength of character to go against the wave of “normal” in our society and the pressure of community and humanity enmass. It requires great self-discipline and sobriety not to “fall off the wagon” and follow the “rules of the old paradigm”…collapsing into old habits of dysfunction and despair. It is about staying clean and sober in a world of people excessively drinking in order to stay with the crowd…keeping up the distraction and Being safe and secure…the herd mentality…following trends of the group mentality. If you don’t own your own mind…who does and who is in control?? We live in a world of massive mind control through media…institutions and everyday Life. If we are not awake and aware of the programs that are circulated throughout the planet…we automatically follow what seems to be the way to Be. The tough part is to know our own minds so that decision-making comes from our own Hearts and not the minds of those running the programs…keeping us from becoming the limitless free Spirits that we truly are in our Hearts and Souls.Bay SunsetLife on Earth has run for countless eons through the “group” experience…typing us into an understanding of ourselves only through others…not as unique individual Souls. This is the time of massive individuation…the recovery of our unique Beings within a framework of society and community. It is paramount that we complete this process in order to regain the personal Power that we forfeited under duress…deception and illusion…to once again come together with a synergy that can change our Earth and our lives…dreaming in a New Home…a Unity of Conscious Humanity.

♥ January 21,2017 Update:  Sister Marches in all 50 states of the US and 60 countries…7+ million human participants and who knows how many were there in Spirit.  This is Heart to Heart/HearteStream in Action…creating a shift in the Global Human Consciousness not unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. ♥  

With Love…Light and Hearte LadyHawke

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