Green Power : The Power of the Ancient Inner Earth


The Ancient Inner Earth of the Green World is calling us…with voices so loud it is difficult to ignore their urgency…to make pathways into the New Earth…dredged from those long forgotten and abandoned.  Those of us remembering and awakening to the deepest Heart of our Earth world are answering the call…and are busy cutting into the old dream paths that we used in other timelines of Power…courses so jammed with debris of the ages…it takes intense focus to open these once again.  These tracks correspond to those in our DNA patterns that have been log-jammed from the beginning of our time on this Earth…emotional backlog from generations of of our Clans’ miasms that can finally be cleared with less effort than in the past.The trees and green ones are aiding us all in the transformation of our mutated DNA patterns…into those with more capacity to hold the incoming Light of the New Earth.  They are the keepers and stabilizers of the Light for the Earth…the waters too are receiving and holding the New Earth Light from the birthing seas.  These correspond to our body’s blood-ways and waterways that hold the Light for our physical forms. What a terrifying fantastic time this is for us all…so many changes happening on so many levels of our Realities…clearing @ the deepest levels that have ever been reached…and New Life coming through so rapidly it is difficult @ times to know who and where we are.  Old relationships are ending or transforming into new and wonderful reconnections of the Heart.  Hearts are opening so abundantly that Love is spreading throughout our world…expanding and healing the Heart and Soul of Humanity.