Heart Power: the New Gaia Earth Codes

Gateway for New Gaia Codes
Gateway for New Gaia Codes

Heart Power is how we are moving into a New Gaia Earth realm of Love and Light.  It is within the human Heart that our true Power lies…this is the receiving place within our physical and energetic bodies where the new Codes take hold.  These New Codes are coming from the higher energies of our Universe…from the Light that is flooding onto our planet and making radical changes inside and outside of us all.

Ocean Spray Receiving Light

The old paradigm is failing and falling apart…there is no foundation that can maintain its Reality at this time of Peace and mutual radical Transformation…only the time we are all spending within our own Hearts that releases the old energies of fear and control over…can accommodate the new energies of Love and Light and Peace of the Soul to attach and change us forever.

These New Codes are being received by our Hearts…fitting perfectly into the chambers that were designed to accept this new ***cryptographic encoding***…designed for the full transformation of the human species into one of a Lighter and flawlessly functioning human body.  It is a secure encoding that works directly with the human DNA in order for the template to be altered thoroughly…one step at a time…thus the waves of Codes are coming through one at a time.  The downloading of these codes can be tricky…as they bring Light into the Heart and “highlight” the places in our bodies that still carry the old negative energies…thus it can be a challenge to release these old trauma holdouts that tend to be deep and intense.  Spirit leads us into the right time and place for uploading these codes…when we are physically and emotionally ready to cope with the radical changes that occur.

Gaia Bay

Just imagine where these new bodies can take us in the co-creation of our own new unique Realities.  It is an unlimited and infinite source of Creative Power…these potentials and possibilities are absolute and eternal.  I don’t believe that today in our present forms we have the knowledge or capabilities of really seeing these incalculable opportunities and  possibilities…however…with the trust embedded in our Spiritual true selves…the path is already layed for us to follow through the wisdom and beauty of the Heart with no fear or worries to be dealt with…only Love and confidence.

***The science of coding and decoding messages so as to keep these messages secure.  The Coding (encryption) takes place using a key that is known only by the sender and intended recipient of the message.***

Gaia Bay Love

♥ January 21,2017 Update:  Sister Marches in all 50 states of the US and 60 countries…7+ million human participants and who knows how many were there in Spirit.  This is Heart to Heart/HearteStream in Action…creating a shift in the Global Human Consciousness not unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.   ♥

With the Love and Light of the New Gaia Earth