Heart to Heart: A New Way of our Earth

New Gaia BayWe are right in the middle of the greatest movement of an ancient narrative of this Earth planet…HearteStream…a passage in time that reconnects us all together once again in our Hearts as one vast essence of Love and Light…as co-creators of this Universe.  Spirit/human/animal and all living Beings of this planet are reuniting and reconciling our unique approaches to Reality…bringing them back into balance and respect for one another and all Life on and of the Earth once again. 

The Earth is awakening along the lines of great Essential Power within and without… collectively with Humanity and all sentient Beings.  This collaborative force of Heart Power that comes from the perfect brew of the Universal Feminine/Creation/Love and Masculine/Manifestation/Light is awesome and formidable to see…feel and experience…a cumulative synergy so vast and powerful as to send shock waves of pure Love and Light through the Earth and us all. 

These potent sound currents of new energy are wreaking havoc with our energetic and physical bodies…forcing a rapid and revolutionary clearing out of the old trauma blocks and fear energies while making room for the higher vibrations to come into the Higher Heart.  The vast Earth weather changes are also a result of these New higher energies.  This spectacular event is causing progressive changes in our Realities…bodies and our lives…surrender to Spirit is the key and releasing old patterns of thought and behaviors. Lake CrescentIt is truly a revolutionary transit of the Heart of us all.  Opportunities are limitless for making radical changes in our thoughts…actions and words that are in need of a mass alteration…the letting go of old structures and ways of Being we have relied upon for eons that are no longer aligned with the Higher HeartThis crest of the wave of New Gaia Earth energy coming through our world today is literally moving mountains of Old Paradigm/False World energy out of this Reality and anchoring our New Earth into the deepest chasms of Her and our Being.  These two opposing forces of old and new worlds are creating a **net acceleration** that is propelling us into virgin territory of an original Reality never before seen on Earth or in this Universe…creating a HearteStream of Love and Light with an inconceivable force of Nature.  The chaos of the old regime coming into contact with the New Gaia higher energies is provoking a metamorphic explosion sending us into a transition and transfiguration in the deepest recesses of us and our world…causing profound physical…mental and Spiritual changes.Heart Rock The only true place of sanctuary during such radical times is in the Heart…where Life itself is known to be an abundant and safe place to be on Earth…protected and reclaimed by the Self-Love and Self-Knowing of the Essential Self.  We are all here on this Earth at this time by full agreement…participating in an enormous transition of Self and Life Itself…live from our Heart and listen closely to what wisdom comes from this Essential place of Being.

Einstein said…”It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  Leave your technology behind for a day and spend it on and with the Earth…discovering the true Nature of Life…and Love in this beautiful planet…after all…She is what gives us Life.  Reclaim your Heart…be kind to yourself and others…set up personal boundaries with Love and patience…be flexible and begin a new way of Being on this lovely Earth world.   It is a time of great Celebration of Life on this Earth…honor and rejoice in being Spirit in human form.

Remember…it is not what we do in Life that defines us…it is who we truly are in our Essential Self…Spirit in human body…full of the elegance of pure Love and Light.  We embody peace…abundance…beauty and healing through this basic Being.  What we do forms the path we follow that awakens and leads us to our true purpose for being on this Earth…not by accident or fate…by great personal intention of the Heart in co-creation with All.

♥ January 21,2017 Update:  “Sister Marches” in all 50 states of the US and 60 countries…7+ million human participants and who knows how many were there in Spirit.  This is Heart to Heart/HearteStream in Action…creating a shift in the Global Human Consciousness not unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. ♥

With Love and Light in the Heart of Gaia Earth


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**Net Acceleration**: A joint force of energy defined as the sum of all the forces acting upon an object of creation.