Opening up to the Infinite: Beyond the Walls of a False World

High Heart Country

We live in/on a world which is a Living Being of the Divine Feminine Energy of Creation…a Being who provides us with the air…water and food we need to exist and nourish…the Love we need to flourish.   It makes perfect sense that the plan to “take over…disempower and enslave a planet” would target the ultimate suppression of this Divine Energy in the Earth and Humanity at large. And this is not to say that the Divine Masculine Energy has not suffered equal demise and disintegration for eons of time as well. Bay LightAs in all conditions such as these where there is an abuser/controller and an abusee/controlled…the one Being suppressed…the Divine Feminine…not only becomes the focused target…she also becomes the “one onto which to pin the blame” for the world’s events and breakdowns in all structures of the old Paradigm. Being then in the position of the “abusee/controlled…it doesn’t take long to begin to believe the lies of the abusers…and to take on the phenomenal guilt…shame and blame for the entire false paradigm of “male power over”. This development takes place in the macrocosm of the destruction of the Earth’s Eco-systems in sync with the microcosm of each and every individual female living on this planet.Streams of LightFortunately…women and our Earth Mother are awakening and “remembering” their Divine Creation Essence which has the Power to entirely “negate” the lies and the accepting of responsibility for their own mistreatment over the ages. This awakening…this enlivening activation of this Primal Essence leads us to accepting our own Personal Power as Divine Co-Creatrices. This Power of Creation is the key to “turning ourselves and our Earth around and away from the False Lite” and back into the Love and Light of our true Universe. Light is information…the lies that have been told to us are proof of the false lite of this ancient program.SunsetSupporting one another and our Earth Mother through these massive radical awakenings and metamorphosis is crucial to the healing and well-Being of Her and Humanity. Take the Essence of another Heart and the Heart of the Earth…bring them deeply into our own Essential Self and Heart…and revitalize the fires of passion and Love that reside in us all. Begin a massive movement of slow burning fires throughout the Hearts and Souls of our world and Universe. Expand our Hearts and minds to the infinite that is our Cosmic Consciousness…allowing for the unlimited possibilities and potentials for a new way of living and Being in the human Heart…healing Humanity and the Earth on a massive scale never before seen or contemplated. Casey EaglesEverything and anything is possible once we have unshackled our Hearts and Souls from the programs of the old paradigm of “false light” and Self-destruction. The is not about “false hope”…it is all about “intention and deep commitment”…the true language of this Universe…setting in motion the co-creation of a New Earth home for us all. A home where we can all live together…unfettered from the guilt ridden “original sin lie” that was “laid” upon us many eons ago. It is time to let that ancient “deception” go and in its place flows a vision of living in Harmony…Peace…Freedom and Joy…the natural state of Being for all humans.  The time for Crossing Over is Now.

♥ January 21,2017 Update:  Sister Marches in all 50 states of the US and 60 countries…7+ million human participants and who knows how many were there in Spirit.  This is Heart to Heart/HearteStream in Action…creating a shift in the Global Human Consciousness not unlike the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. ♥ 

With Love and Light from the Heart of the New Gaia Earth

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