Poverty: Loss of Spirit and Soul

The Bay Living in a materialistic world…the implication of the word poverty has generally had meaning only when attached to money and material goods…when in fact the TRUE significance is the lack of…deficiency and neediness…the poverty of Spirit and Soul.  Unless we live in a place on our planet that recognizes…understands…supports and has Spiritual practices in daily life…the entire world of Spiritual/Soul awareness in is great poverty and scarcity…including religious doctrine and other controlling paradigms or systems that imprison the human Soul.  Although Spiritually aware places do exist…I find many of them lacking in the material element that keeps Life on Earth in balance.San Juan Island LighthouseI see poverty as a lack of freedom that is used as a control mechanism which can take many forms…

Poverty of Movement:  comes from a way of Life that is rigid and lacks the flexibility to be:  open to Life’s opportunities/experiences that orient ourselves to our present Reality by living in the moment…available to follow the flow of our Hearts/Spirits/Souls into new ways of Being…ending the Spiritual bankruptcy of Humanity and our Earth.

Poverty of Thinking:  methods used by the media and other old paradigm institutions regulate the freedom of original and unique thoughts and problem solving.  This in turn  impedes our ability to build self-esteem…to have our own Heart-directed values and to understand our place in this world while creating our own Reality.   Freeing ourselves and our world from this obstacle and thinking for ourselves can enable us to use our imaginations to dream in a new world of Peace and Love.

Poverty of Love:  confines humanity to a life of fear…guilt and shame over what is falsely considered to be a “human condition”…these self-destructive emotional patterns can sabotage the initiation of opening the Heart and coming into self-Love as natural elements of human evolution.  Fear cripples and immobilizes our natural gifts of creation and manifestation while taking away the responsibilities of personal Life choices.Lovely Wild Yellow  All poverty restricts and distorts our view of Life and its many pleasures and adventures.  Addiction is a likely consequence of such deep impediments when Life becomes boring and meaningless…by providing the stimulus we crave from a Life fully lived.  It keeps us locked up in a false sense of “feel good”…stifling our personal growth and native sense of wonder and curiosity. It keeps us imprisoned in old repetitious patterns of behavior that do not allow for the instinctive changes that lead us to make healthy Life choices.Healing LavenderPoverty of freedom initiates alterations in our perceptions…our feelings…and our beliefs in ourselves and our world around us.  These cognitive distortions can often lead to a great loss of Reality through negative thinking…assumptions…anxiety…and the deceptive labeling of the experiences of ourselves and others.  Emerging authentic and self-responsible develops the strength of character and self-Love that unlocks the opportunities for building new worlds of Soul collectively with all of Humanity in the Heart.Deep Heart                                     From my deep Heart to yours…LadyHawke