The Earth’s Upper Mantle: Peridot’s Healing Beauty


peridot-2The Earth’s upper mantle is made of up the mineral Olivine…which is another name for Peridot…that gorgeous bright green Springy stone…below are the healing properties of it.  Given all of those wonderful attributes…it is no wonder that we love lying down on the body of the Earth. 

It is often called the “stone of the Sun” and is the birthstone of those born in the month of August.  The luscious bright green color as well as the stone itself saturates one’s life with new growth and renewal.  The much needed healing purification abilities of this stone bring forth rebirth and further movement on one’s path to recovery. 

It is at its most powerful as a balancer of the entire essential endocrine glandular system of our human form…starting with the adrenals (battery packs) as the forerunners of healing the entire system of Light in human form.  It assists with the regeneration of tissues as well as the purifying of the whole body through strengthening the blood.  The blood of the human body…as you may remember…is the carrier of the Light.  It works in tandem with the waterways of the Earth Mother in circulating the Light necessary to be Spirit and manifestation…and of course connected to the human Heart.  Heal the heart and you heal the body and the Soul.  Its energy may be of aid to balance bipolar disorders by bringing into symmetry the polar opposites in our male/female anatomy…the union of the two.   

It is also said to reduce fever and aid in stomach digestion.  Emotionally…Peridot can be used to reduce stress and anxiety…along with lavender oil it is excellent at calming the entire nervous system…bringing a sense of Peace and well-being to our much needed frenetic  and distracted lives…allowing us to focus on what is important and necessary.  It is also known to help heal the liver…our filter system of the human body…an important organ to keep clean and well functioning in this world of toxins and chemicals for the metabolism and health of our skin and whole body.  Its many faceted faces improve the health of the eyes…an indispensable aid in “seeing” where we are headed down our paths of reconciliation and recovery of Self.peridotIt is known to strengthen the digestive tract……stimulate the mind and amplify intuitive awareness.  It is also commonly used to treat emotional states such as irritation…anger and jealousy.  It is very useful in healing diseases of the Spirit.  Peridot is exceptionally wonderful for healing the healers…those we depend on to bring to us the support and assistance we need to bring about our own regeneration of body and Soul.  We are all healers of our own Selves…teaming up with others with harmonious healing knowledge can produce an acceleration of the synergy of our combined energies…a most powerful collaboration.

Peridot is most assuredly a Spring stone…well beyond its vivid color…it has the ability to assist in projecting one’s life into a new cycle.  By aiding the release of old…negative patterns and vibrations…it offers an alternative new frequency to be accessed for positive and rapid forward movement towards wholeness and healing.

 With the aid of the Peridot…one is more able to surrender and take full responsibility for one’s own Life’s creations.  It also helps to release guilt…burdens and obsessions that can heal hurt feelings and repair damaged relationships while alleviating the stored up fear…anger and emotional trauma. peridot-heartsPeridot has the power to remind us that holding on to the past and to people/thought forms and material things with negative influences is counterproductive to staying in our Hearts and the positive now of the New Gaia Earth .  It allows us to detach from the distracting outside influences of the old “false world” and to look to our higher energies inside of ourselves of Spirit for guidance in making the radical choices and life changes that benefit all.

Peridot bends and splits the ray of Light passing through it giving it the qualities of working in multi-dimensions…a major benefit when working in the multi-dimensional anatomy of our human form.  It is found in volcanic basalts and is formed deep within the earth under tremendous heat and pressure. Olivine has a very high melting point and explains why it is mainly found in places where pressure and heat are abundant such as volcanic rock and the mantle of the earth.  This place of origin within the fiery volcanic regions of our deep Earth shows us it’s tremendous ability to aid in the transformation of our whole Being and planet Earth.

With Gratitude…EagleHearte Woman…I am Gaia

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