Viruses: Today’s Plague of our Ancient Earth World

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Viruses have been created and manufactured in labs by genetic scientists on our Earth for eons.  All Viruses derive from the same basic sources of off-planet species that when introduced into the human body…wreak havoc with the cellular structure and all functioning bodily systems of that form.Gaia Bay

Each Virus was genetically engineered to do very specific impairment to the human body and to target explicit areas through the organs and operational systems and their ability to reproduce themselves.  The more known of these deliberate creations are the Retroviruses and Enteroviruses …those which once inside the human cellular structure…produce their own genome and eventually become a part of the human DNA template…which means they can be passed down through the generations of each bloodline.  Basically one could extrapolate that the vast majority…if not all of our human dis-eases on this planet Earth are caused by some form of a virus (infinite different forms of)…an alien presence in our bodies.

Many of these more recent varieties have been launched (vaccines etc.) into the human bodies in new forms.  They are similar to the time-release medications of our medical world…in that they initially remain dormant in the body for at times many years without producing symptoms…until which time that the body evolves into a certain  and often higher vibration that triggers an activation.  At this time…the targeted system or organs will begin to exhibit the symptoms of the particular dis-ease it was expressly designed to produce…and in turn raising our energy vibration/healing can also begin to clear them out of our bodies.

This is all an “ancient strategy” that plays an enormous role in the weakening of the human race and a preparation for a take-over of this Earth and enslavement of humanity.  It is a portion of an insidious scheme that has long since failed and has long since been neutralized…however…we are left with the dregs of this deceitful invasion of live alien species invading our human bodies and DNA that we all must contend with today with the effects of so many dis-eases.

Thus there is an impelling need of a deep healing of the human Heart on such a massive scale…one extremely intense and radical.  A restoration of this proportion can generate enough of Humanity to raise their energetic vibration to an expanded consciousness that will provoke a vast and substantial human transformation and healing.   This begins a transfiguration so that we may then begin to utilize the “Light Codes” that are flooding our planet today…Codings designed to fully re-form the human body as we know it…into one of a functioning and strong human presence.

I will go as far to say that all dis-ease on this Earth causing illness and death through one or more human body functional systems…is rooted in one or more of the versions and variations of this original off planet alien Virus.

It was an insidious undertaking hatched in the darkest minds of those in the innermost scarcity of Life…those who truly believed that their very survival depended on the take-over and control of Earth and Her Humanity…stealing the Lifeforce and Freedom of us All.  What they didn’t understand or remember is that such horrific actions always have karmic consequences that come back to the “originators” with a full force of the shadowy intentions.

As fortune would have it…many of those who had bit parts in this grand drama have awakened to their own culpability and are here in body on this Earth today in an attempt to rectify those injurious actions.  All are “trapped” in bodies that still hold the “illusions of Power” and are in need of intensive healing and absolute surrender to the True Light of Spirit.  The “false Light” they are/were following is/was but a fading dream of an ancient past long dissolved into a Universe of rectification and transformation…one that demands constant movement through radical change…and reconfiguration at the profound molecular levels of Being.

This is all about the recovery…healing and expanding of the human Soul…one being guided either consciously or unconsciously by Spirit…the true Sovereigns of our Universe.  This is an evolutionary leap so immense and unprecedented  that the planet has filled to the brim with those desiring to experience and participate in this colossal event in time…the consequences of which will bring the co-creation of a New Gaia Earth world of Love…Light and Peace.

We have been by-passing the old Gates…clearing out and activating the unknown and forgotten ones…and co-creating new ones to be able to handle the load of new higher vibrational energies being projected onto the Earth today.  This remarkable event is  unparalleled in the annals of time in this “sector” of our Universe…and is succeeding at an unpredictable rate of accomplishment.  Prior to traveling to this “sector”…we had no idea of how deeply the Earth had fallen into physical density.  At the same time…this deepest density has become the “springboard” from which we are able to propel our Earth and ourselves into higher vibrational states of expanded consciousness that we had been unable to foresee or extrapolate from our previous timelines.

The scandalous maligning of our beautiful Earth Mother planet along with many of Her plants and animals can finally end with the shattering of this “voluminous and deceitful illusion”…and much desired Freedom and Peace can be ours.

Living in the New Gaia Earth in Love and Light


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