Crossing Over: The Grand Shift from Slavery to Personal and Planetary Autonomy

img_6047What we are Being asked to do today in this world of massive transition…is to surrender our old worn out beliefs and behavior patterns…and adopt entirely new ways of thinking and Being…peeling off the layers of false identity until we find the authentic Self underneath it all.  It is an alteration of such immense proportions…often it is all we can do just to stay present in the moment and stay awake to the demands of an entirely new Paradigm of Peace and Love and Light.  This paradigm is emerging in the form of a New Gaia Earth.  It is being birthed by our Earth Mother today through waves of higher vibrational energies coming into the planet daily…changing and disrupting our lives.  It is also causing huge amounts of weather and elemental activity as these higher forms of Love and Light move into our present Earth places…as it comes into resistance with the old lower/denser frequencies.  When one higher energy frequency comes into another lower frequency…it is like hitting a brick wall at high speed if the resistance is great…setting into motion a collision that sends shock waves for long distances.  Two things happen to these energies…one is a reflection and the other is absorption…both have very recognizable consequences to all objects surrounding this place of coming together.  Both actions cause the objects to move more quickly and change their native vibrations to that of a higher frequency. Gaia Bay Eagles The weapons of old…whether they are of the physical…emotional or mental plane…must be loosened and released…along with a need to restrain and transform our ancient hatred/fear/survival urges to fight and take power over another.  We are moving into a new world that demands a Crossing Over from the primitive ways of hierarchy…domination and competition to new Lives of Equality…Respect…Autonomy and Cooperation amongst the sentient beings of this Earth.  Following an endless period of living in the False Lite…this coming of the True Light is our turning point in time for this alteration to take place on a grand planetary scale.   The recent Sister Marches in the US and 60 countries as a show of Power is a result of this Essential Evolutionary demand to make a shift in consciousness on a large global scale.  It is a critical mass that was reached worldwide in a “zero tolerance” of “hate” by Humanity.  When this grassroots tipping point came about on the 21rst of January…a shift in our human consciousness occurred which propelled us into a higher form of the Heart/HearteStream…this will have restorative consequences for our planet and it’s environs.  It is the evolutionary moment we have all been working towards…to finally come collectively into the High Heart of Compassion and no longer have tolerance for “hatred” in any form any longer on this Earth.

 This has been a world of divide and conquer by the few who would live off the enslavement of the many…these days are rapidly leaving our expanded higher consciousness and the New Gaia Earth cannot support that which is not founded in these newly achieved principals of the human Heart.  The entire Universe is supporting this transition of human consciousness through the Sun…Moon…stars and planets of our solar system…each month seems to become more intense than the last…creative resolution pushing us all to and through our old limits…into lives of complete Self-empowerment and Freedom of Being.  We are being asked to do a major rewiring and overhaul of our whole Being…it has been and continues to be an amazing journey.

 It has been a long journey through these false passages of an artificial lite and we are in a movement of the Rebirthing of ourselves and our Earth…into our True Beings capable of great manifestation from the Light and Love of the whole Heart.  As our fears free themselves to be Love again…we become the Beings of grandeur we have always been in ancient times…living Joyful Lives of ease… simplicity and worry-free…completely limitless in our dreams to come true.New Gaia Bay We are once again remembering what it is to be fully conscious and responsible for our thoughts…words and actions…always alert to the consequences of our Being Spirit in human form.  Relationships are challenging us to go beyond our old programmed ways of believing and interacting with one another and all sentient Beings with whom we share this world…becoming more self-sufficient and aware of our Power and how it affects all with whom we share our energy.  

This grand Shift is asking us to focus our humanitarian Hearts to come together in creative communities to bring forth a collaboration that is progressive…inventive and courageous for making a better world.  It is a profound time to be alive and a vital part of this Grand Shift on this Earth…a time to celebrate All Life in the Heart.  

In Grace and Heart…LadyHawke

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