Preparations for A Full Intensive Vision Quest

Beautiful Ruby Beach

Please know that this is an entirely “personal” experience…Life altering and wholly unique to each individual. It is a good idea to explore your own “intentions” while you begin you preparations to come to PT…they will help guide you and the rest is up to Spirit…that is the big plan.

♥  You might take the time while traveling in the airplane and up to Port Townsend to make a list of what you want to “achieve” from your journey…how you want your Life to look/feel and in what direction you would like to move in the near and distant future. Your “VQ” truly begins when you commit to experiencing one and particularly when you leave home to travel to the Olympic Peninsula…an immensely healing Earth.

♥  The number of days/nights for our Full Vision Quest is 4 nights/5 days…2 of them are half/full travel days. Including your 2 travel days into and out of SeaTac airport…your total time commitment is 5 full days. You may choose to take a transit (2 hours) that is door to door from SeaTac (see listing below)…very easy and stress free travel to your hotel in PT or cabin on the Bay.  If the wait is too long at the airport…a rental car may be a better option…also a delightful drive up to this water world and a ferry ride if you choose.  Longer Quests are available…please contact me for details…as well as Mini Quests on the Bay (DeerHearte Shamanic Healing Services).

♥  I will pick you up when you arrive at your lodging and we will go to our local co-op for food supplies…a trip to the crystal store if time allows and a gentle dinner together…ending our evening early for rest and preparation for leaving early the next morning to the west coast. If your arrival is early in the day…we can spend extra healing time on the Bay here as well…keep that in mind when you book your flights.

♥  The central portion of the Quest takes place on the West Coast of the Olympic Peninsula. It is just a few hour’s drive in my car from Port Townsend with stops @ Lake Crescent and other sites in the Park along the way (see Olympic Peninsula Park & Sites of Interest for Park sites).

♥  Our lodging on the coast is a house I have stayed in for a number of years. It is located between the Hoh Rain Forest and Ruby Beach…an ideal location for all we need to see/feel/explore on our journey…with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths…a full kitchen to prepare our meals and lots of space for our use. This house sits on a wonderful energy vortex…that I have been working with and clearing for 5+ years…it is very supportive in the healing work we will be doing for us with the Earth…quiet and surrounded by meadows.

♥  We will visit the rain forest and the beaches to do our Shamanic work with the Earth…Ocean and her Elementals. Please take some time to check out my web site and Blogroll for more info on the West Coast including lots of photos. It is truly an exquisite area of wild Earth and a coastal Maritime National Wildlife Refuge (  This is one of the “birthing places” of the New Gaia Earth (Gaia Update…Moving Up into a New Earth World)…we can cover more of that later on our journey.

♥  Cell phones work @ the house where we stay and there is no land line or Internet access. There is also reception in other locations along the coast where we will be traveling for any emergencies that arise. Basically you will be disconnected from “your other life” for these days of healing…recovering and rebirthing. I ask that you text/email those you are in day to day touch with to let them know that you will be out of communication for the days of our journey…other than any emergencies that may arise.

We will spend 24 hours a day with each other…so it can be extremely intensive and effective for that reason. When things come up for you…they can be dealt with immediately…ie trauma/uncomfortable memories/panic episodes etc. This is not an experience that can be planned for as I follow my Spirit/Heart/intuition every moment of my Life…as you may know if you experienced prior healings with me.

The possibilities and potentialities for your own transformational healing needs and radical changes are quite literally unlimited…come with an open Heart and full commitment…surrendering into the moment of Spirit and the beautiful Earth and Her elementals.

♥  We will be “on the Earth” full days…walking the beaches and the trails…being and working with the Earth/water and Elemental Spirits…the green ones in the rain forests as well as the animals/Spirits that come to work with us. Often the elk herd comes to the meadow surrounding the house and in the Hoh forest…as well as eagles…hawks and deer etc.  This is not an overly strenuous physical journey…however it often can be a very active one.

♥  To prepare…please bring outdoor clothing with layers to add or take off and rain gear. We could have some colder weather through the winter season…although it is not “winter” as in other parts of the country…the wet climate can penetrate. There is a washer/dryer in the house for washing/drying things out at the end of our days. See Preparations List Below. 

♥  You may want to bring along crystals…stones…drums/rattles and other sacred objects to add to our personal and collective Earth alters we set up in the Hoh House and use in healing work. A handheld recorder can be nice to have a record of some of the info for later recall.  I use Essential oils…please let me know if you have any issues with scents.  Also bring headphones/earbuds for meditating mornings and evenings.  I will send a list of Shamanic music for your downloads.

Finally this is not a “traditional” type of Vision Quest as in a Native American journey…if you have experienced my “style” of healing…you understand. It is a mystical healing journey you will not easily forget…one that will allow you to have the answers and guidance for making the radical changes you desire in your Life…the healing that you are seeking and the higher guidance for your future.

♥  Please feel free to contact me at any time…email or call with any further questions or concerns…I welcome your interest. (

The following is basic information and some rental options for the two evenings of your travel days…the first are cabins on the Bay just down from my home…perched on top of the high banks with exquisite views of the Bay and the Olympic Mts.  The other accommodation is in downtown Port Townsend (PT) or any lodging of your own choice. 

Please email me a copy of your full travel itinerary…payment is due upon booking and can be paid through my Square Cash account.

  • Fly into and out of SeaTac Airport…Seattle WA.

Clothing Needs:

         Winter and In Between:

  • Outer Rain wear and warm winter boots (waterproof)…tall water boots
  • Warm multi-layered clothing…long underwear…down under vest etc.
  • Warm winter down jacket…under fleeces…winter gloves…hat and scarf


  • Light weight clothing…for warm days and cool nights
  • Rain Jacket…light evening jacket/fleece
  • Warm layers for evenings
  • Light walking shoes…water shoes and sandals


Do not hesitate to contact me for further information through my email @

DeerHearte Shamanic Healing Services

With Love and Light…LadyHawke

Gorgeous West Coast
Gaia Bay Mts
Gaia Bay
the Hoh River